5 Tips to Save on Airline Tickets

Saving and budgeting for you vacation can be a challenge, even before factoring in the cost of airfare. Yeah, you could go on a road trip or stay close, but sometimes it’s worth it to go far far away and truly relax. Whether you are looking for adventure or leisure you can make the most out of your dollar by minimizing the cost of travel.

indexHere are some tips that you can use to save on your next vacation:

Know When to Buy

Watch the rates well in advance of your vacation. Buying air plane tickets well in advance or waiting until the very last minute is not the best practice, instead you want to buy your tickets 6 to 8 weeks in advance. At this time airfare typically hits a low point, so make sure to purchase during this time.

Be Flexible on the Dates

Sometimes you can find lower rates by looking for flights in a range of dates instead of at a specific time. Flying mid-week can save you up to 10%, Wednesday is usually the best day if you are looking to save.

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

Not only are there specific days of the week where airlines will offer discount rates, but also early in the morning flights tend to be cheaper. Try to fly in the morning and throughout the workday to get a better rate.

Buy on a Tuesday

Take advantage of the industry’s competitive nature! Mid-week is not only the best tie to fly, it’s also the best time to buy tickets. On Tuesdays most airfares will start to go on sale when the airlines adjust their fares to match competitors.

Know When to Pull the Trigger

Airfares not only fluctuate day by day, but also hour by hour. Take time to learn the market and be ready to pull the trigger on a good deal!

When is Too Old to Drive?

Once you have been retired for a while, the topic of driving usually comes up.  This may be something that you stop doing because you no longer feel that it is in your (or others’) best interests, or you may be told that holding a driver’s license is no longer an option for you, for a variety of reasons.


Everyone must acknowledge that they may not possess the capacity to drive throughout their entire lifetime. Getting older does not necessarily mean you are no longer capable of driving, of course. Many persons continue to drive adequately as they age. If one’s capacity to drive is beginning to diminish, there are usually a few signs.

Many people notice their vision is not as strong as it once was, especially in the bright sunlight or in the dark.  If you are feeling that it is more difficult for you to turn and look, checking blind spots, you may also find that this is decreasing your reaction time.  If you notice any sort of change in your driving, such as getting lost or neglecting to stop at stop signs or traffic lights, this too may be symptoms that it is time to have your driving evaluated.  This thought should only be reinforced if friends or family are reluctant to be in the vehicle with you or speak to you about your driving.

Having your driving evaluated is usually divided into two portions, the initial one being completed by an Occupational Therapist who tests vision, physical movement and reaction time ability.  The final portion is typically the driver instructor assessing how you fare on the road.  The final decision of whether to revoke or return your license is usually made by the Occupational Therapist and the driving instructor together.

Many folks are hesitant to have their driving skills assessed due to the fact that they are concerned their license will be revoked, rendering them dependent on others. Simply having your driving evaluated does not mean this is the case of course, however if it does end up that the decision is made to withhold your license, there are a number of options you can think about to get around.

If your license is revoked, this does not mean your days of independence have to be over.  Most cities have public transit which offer a senior’s discount or deal for a monthly or annual pass.  Many senior centers also offer community shuttle buses to and from events at no cost.  Churches typically over free rides to and from service and also often have drop-in visitors if you are finding it difficult to get out.

If taking groceries by foot or on public transit is not an option, many community centers have volunteers who either drive you to do your grocery shopping, or are able to deliver groceries to you.

If you live in a small town or rural area which does not have public transit, think about calling the township as many of this small communities do have volunteers for seniors who can no longer drive.  If nothing of this sort exists where you live, considering speaking with other seniors in the same position and seeing if something new can be arranged.

The Top Countries to Retire to in 2013

Do you love to travel and have dreams of retiring abroad?

If retiring abroad, in a tropical paradise is something you are thinking about here are this year’s top destinations that are the most popular among Canadians and Americans looking to retire abroad.


ecuadorThe people are welcoming and friendly, and the location is a paradise. Ecuador offers temperate mountain villages, sunny beaches, historic colonial cities and towns with many cultural offerings. This country also offers many senior benefits such as 50% off international airfare, for when you want to go back home for a visit.

Above all, Ecuador is such an attractive choice for many retirees because you can really stretch your dollars there. For $1600/month you and your spouse could live a very comfortable lifestyle. These values extend from cost of living to real estate prices. A condominium of the coast of California for example might cost you a million dollars, while, if you chose to buy a condominium in Ecuador, you could be looking at paying as little as $150,000 for a spot on the northern pacific coast.


panamaPanama offers the world’s best incentive program as part of it’s commitment to attract foreign retirees. This makes it very easy and convenient to get residence so that you can retire here.

Panama city is a vibrant busy city with fantastic restaurants, and great hospitals. It’s a hub for banking and commerce so you will find a great deal of international community there. Like Ecuador you can live in Panama for a low cost. With a budget of $1,700-$2,500/month you can expect to live very comfortably. This price includes housing, entertainment and even housekeeping costs.


Retirement-in-Malaysia3A large percentage of of the population in Malaysia speaks English, which makes it very easy to transition in this country. Although this Asian destination is far away, it is very affordable. In Malaysia on a budget of $1,700/moth you could afford to rent a sea view apartment in Penang with a pool and a gym, have a housekeeper that comes once/week, own a sailboat and eat at restaurants almost every day.