DIY or Pay For Help?

If you’re considering renovating your home this summer, you may have thought “oh, that project is simple, I can do it myself”.  However, in reality, you end of taking 6 months and never fully finishing it…  We’ve all been there, and that is why it is important to decide if you’re going to do it yourself, or if you should pay for help.

What is Your Skill Level?

The first thing to ask yourself is do you have the skills to do it.  If you’re willing to learn, and okay with making mistakes at first, you can learn how to do any renovation project.  However, if your project involves re-wiring your house, you still may want to consider hiring a paid, licensed professional to make sure that you don’t end up burning down your house in the end.

Before you start any project, make sure that you have the right skills needed for the job, or consider hiring out.

How Motivated Are You?

Next, you need to ask yourself how motivated you are.  And don’t just consider your motivation right now, but how motivated will you be after 8 hours of work on a Saturday and realizing that you’ve done it all wrong?  At the moment of frustration, you may find that it would have been better to just hire out the work, instead of trying to do it yourself.

However, you also need to keep in mind the difficulty of managing workers as well.  Either way, you need to be motivated to see the project through to completion.

Do You Have the Time and Money?

Finally, you need to consider if you have the time and money.  No matter the project, you should estimate the costs using something like Cordell Estimating Software, to estimate the amount of materials and labor involved.  Then, consider how much time it will take you, and maybe even look at your hourly wage.  You could find out that it is effectively cheaper to hire someone to do the work, because they can get it done faster than you.