One Best Way to Invest Money With Good Return on Investment

Investing in Stocks — I attended BusinessCoach’s How to Invest in the Stock Market seminar last April 16, 2011. The speaker, Jay G. Peñaflor, a Philippine Stock Exchange Sr. Market Education Specialist and who is also a Certified Securities Specialist (CSS), revealed to us attendees one of the best ways to invest money. And that is investing in the stock market.

The San Beda College faculty member said that history has proven that investing in stocks over the long-term provides greater returns and protection against inflation than other fixed-income instruments, such as savings accounts, time deposits, government securities, and bonds.

I learned from his lecture that stocks are shares of ownership in a corporation. When I buy stocks of a publicly listed companies like Jollibee Foods or Philippine Long Distance Company (PLDT), I become a stockholder or shareholder of these profitable companies. As an owner, I can participate in the Philippine’s leading food and telecommunication company’s growth and future profits. Though, I may also lose money if these companies suffer losses or perform below market expectations.

Where I can buy stocks? Well, it’s in the Philippine Stock Market. It’s the place where investors can buy and sell stocks of publicly listed companies in the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE)

Mr. Peñaflor adviced us all 10 participants of that day to invest in the stock market because it’s one of the best ways to invest money. For it’s possible to get 50% return of investments even in 1 day. But as a stock market beginner, I need to be careful and become an intelligent investor. Like in business, it’s better to start small. Maybe P5,000.00 a month and learn the nitty-gritty side of compound investment.

As a new stock investor,  I should study first what’s the best stocks to buy that I can sell when I hit my target return on investments or hold on for a long-term investment to gain long-term dividends.

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Early Retirement Investments to Secure Retirement Income

This is my first early retirement investments post. I started this blog to have a repository of my experiences, readings, views and anything that comes in my early retirement investments journey.

I am employed in one of the Top 500 companies in the Philippines for five years now. I have a beautiful and caring wife and two lovely daughters, aged 6 and 4. I work not only for me but also for my family, for my widowed senior citizen mother, brothers and immediate relatives who need my help, especially financially as long as I have the funds.

It’s my goal to apply for an early retirement a year from now. I want to be free from the rat-race job, from the heavy traffic going to work 6 days a week and its increment travel expenses, and to be with my family most of the time. 12 months maybe too short to prepare for my early retirement, a worry-free retirement with secure early retirement income, but it is what I want. I have to stick to it.

Do I need a PLAN?
Yeah! I need a good retirement plan. Writing a retirement plan is no different from writing a business plan. I also need to write an effective working plan to lay out how can I retire early and still earn a decent retirement income. A retirement income that can sustain our day-do-day living expenses, send my daughters to study Medical Courses at Our Lady of Fatima University, pay off travel expenses to great places like El Nido in Palawan or Baguio City in the Philippines or to Disneyland Hong Kong with my family. I need to write a retirement plan that will guide me to a worry-free life, just enjoying the fruits of labor and embracing the beauty of life and nature.

I can picture my dream life for retirement that I’m writing Cebuano short stories, poems, and go bonding with family members. But if I want to achieve these things, I need to make them happen by planning now to live well later.

I think early retirement investments will play big role to make my goal a reality. I can see that early retirement investments coupled with appropriate retirement savings plan and personal financial planning towards effective personal financial management are best options now to prepare me to become what I want to be, a financially stable early retiree a year from now.

Can I achieve my goal?

Yes! I just have to believe in myself that I CAN.

Stay tune for more Early Retirement Investments posts and learn how I will retire within a year from now!


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