Maid Cleaning Service: New Trend in House Cleaning

Many families of today who are busy on their jobs and career tend to forget to do some or all house cleaning. We can understand with that if they love more of their jobs and career than their house. But being busy is not at all an excuse to do house cleaning. In these times when there are many house cleaning services around offering to do household chores, cleaning our house is just a phone call away.

Maid cleaning service typically offers to clean your bathroom, kitchen, and other rooms. In the bathroom, maids certainly perform general dusting. They will clean bathtub, shower tiles, shower door, vanity and sink, mirrors and fixtures. They wipe and disinfect floors, clean disinfecting toilets and remove cobwebs. In the kitchen, they will also perform general dusting. They will clean outside of range hood, top and front of range, sink, front of other appliances. They also vacuum and mop floors, remove cobwebs and wipe out microwave. While in other rooms, maids will probably clean furnitures, vacuum stairs and empty closet floors. They will also vacuum and dust mop wood floors, remove dust from picture frames, mini blinds and cobwebs. Moreover, they also offer additional services to please the working family. This is what Maid Service Washington DC does.

Before, maid service is only a privilege to the rich but it’s no longer true today. Working husband and wife and whose income can afford to outsource such an easy household chores, adopt the new trend to hire maid service who can assume their responsibility in cleaning their house.

Hiring maid services maybe more expensive than simply hiring a full-time or part-time maid, but it offers three great advantages. First, cleaning services provider will not only provide maids to do house cleaning, but also valuable cleaning supplies. Second, families will no longer shoulder additional expenses in giving social security, health insurance, foods, to name a few. And third, cleaning services provider is insured and often bonded, so you can held them accountable if something is missing in your jewelry box.


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