How Do I Start Investing in the Philippine Stock Market

In the BusinessCoach’s How to Invest in the Stock Market seminar I attended last April 16, 2011, Jay G. Peñaflor, a Philippine Stock Exchange Sr. Market Education Specialist, told us participants that getting started in the stock market is a simple process. He revealed to us the four-step process and i.e:

1. Choosing a stockbroker or trading participant.
2. Opening a stockbrokerage account.
3. Placing order to buy best stocks or sell stocks either online or by making a phone call to stock broker.
4. Monitoring and keeping tract of investments.

How do I Choose a Stockbroker?
Mr. Peñaflor told us that there are over 100 licensed stockbrokers accredited by the PSE. Our choice of stockbroker should depend on the type of service we will require and who will best suit our needs. The types of stockbrokers can be classified into Traditional and Online (via Internet).

Traditional brokers are those who assign a licensed salesman to handle our account and take our orders via a written or through phone call.

While Online brokers are those whose main interface with their customer is through the internet. Clients execute their orders and access market information directly online.

Stockbrokers vary in the range of services they offer and the types of customers they serve such as:
*Handling institutional or corporate accounts versus individual retail customers
*Providing advisory services
*Providing research and analysis
*Providing investor education seminars and market briefings

Mr. Peñaflor said that we can get a complete list of accredited stockbrokers of the Philippine Stock Exchange either by visiting or contacting the PSE at (632) 688-7600.

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