Retirement Living

When individuals begin considering their way of living in retirement, they may consider moving to a small, cheaper home. Some may even look at seniors’ condos or retirement homes. If the house you live in has been paid off, you may think about downsizing but you may actually see your housing costs increase, even though technically, you are reducing.

Baby BoomersMany who have lived in the city are moving to a cheaper, less urban setting.  This also typically lowers property taxes. Some individuals feel adventurous and that they are financially at the age in their lives when they can see the world and travel without obligations such as work and children to care for.  Some enjoy doing this in an RV. RVs typically cost between $5,000 and $160,000.

While travel is seen as exciting by some, it is not for every retiree. Some prefer to remain in the community they have live in for a while-they feel better knowing their neighbors and possibly having family nearby. They may already be familiar with the activities in the area.

Some do look at moving away, especially if family is living far away.  A lot of people prefer to be near their adult children and especially grandchildren. Moving near family also provides a connection in a new city. Socializing and activities may be introduced by your family.

If you are to do it feasibly, why not go live in Australia for a few months? It does not have to be there- the point is , go do what you always wanted to but could not because of work, school or caring for children.

Today, many retirees are pursuing a college education, or at least taking a few classes.  Many are seeking post-secondary education either as additional education or purely for interests’ sake.  In many American states, residents are eligible for a few months of free tuition if they are over the age of 65. Many find it beneficial to their mental health, to keep their minds active and always learning. You can take the Introduction to Shakespeare course you never had time for, or Introduction to Physics.

Some,  but certainly not all retirees find themselves feeling restless during retirement, especially at the beginning. When you have gone to work every day for fifty years, this feeling is not uncommon. Many retirees look at volunteering as a means to do something with their time, improve certain skills, utilize skills they already possess, and meet new people.  There are many organizations, both profit and non –profit, needing volunteers. Finding a volunteer position which fits your skills and interests should not be too difficult-from building houses to serving soup at a soup kitchen to working with children- everywhere is searching for volunteers. This generation has been involved with activism for decades, pursuing a cause you are passionate about but were never able to dedicate a time to- the time is now!

However you decide to spend your retirement, whether it be volunteering, lying on a beach or traveling the world, make sure it is exactly how you want to spend it and it is what is making you happy. After all, you only have one retirement.