Investing in the Stock Market: When Should We Start Investing Money

Investing in the Stock Market — Jay G. Peñaflor, a Philippine Stock Exchange Sr. Market Education Specialist and who is also a Certified Securities Specialist (CSS), our speaker in the BusinessCoach’s How to Invest in the Stock Market seminar last April 16, 2011, told us that when it comes to investing in the stock market, time is our most precious asset. The longer our time horizon is, the more time we have to make our money grow.

Mr. Peñaflor revealed to us 10 participants that compounding is, in fact, the single most important reason for me to start investing right now in the stock market. It is the multiplier effect that occurs when earnings or dividends in my investments begin to generate their own earnings.

Every day we invested is a day that our money is working for us. Investing helps us ensure a financially secure and stable future.

Mr. Peñaflor says that those who start investing sooner rather than later have a tremendous advantage. If we keep our money in the good quality stocks over the long-term, and then reinvest the dividends earned as we receive them, our investment grows exponentiallly over time.

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