Where do I find my Deposit Information on my Cheques?

Writing cheques is to be something that people just don’t do much of anymore, but sometimes you are required to write them or provide a blank void cheque for an employer. There are codes on your cheques that helps money go to where it is meant to go, here is a break down of what the numbers on your cheques represent:


What are the Numbers on the Bottom of a Cheque?

The numbers at the bottom of your cheques are broken down into different sets.

  • The first set of numbers is the cheque number. When you order a cheque book each cheque will have it’s own number. These numbers help you keep track of how many cheques you have used and where they are being used.
  • The second set of numbers is the Branch number for your banking institution. This is also referred to as the transit number. Each branch has its own transit number.
  • The third set of numbers is the bank number, this number represents the financial institution. Each bank will have it’s own bank number.
  • The final numbers on the cheque is the account number for your bank account. This number is unique to your account and helps banks and employers ensure that money is moved appropriately.