The Top Countries to Retire to in 2013

Do you love to travel and have dreams of retiring abroad?

If retiring abroad, in a tropical paradise is something you are thinking about here are this year’s top destinations that are the most popular among Canadians and Americans looking to retire abroad.


ecuadorThe people are welcoming and friendly, and the location is a paradise. Ecuador offers temperate mountain villages, sunny beaches, historic colonial cities and towns with many cultural offerings. This country also offers many senior benefits such as 50% off international airfare, for when you want to go back home for a visit.

Above all, Ecuador is such an attractive choice for many retirees because you can really stretch your dollars there. For $1600/month you and your spouse could live a very comfortable lifestyle. These values extend from cost of living to real estate prices. A condominium of the coast of California for example might cost you a million dollars, while, if you chose to buy a condominium in Ecuador, you could be looking at paying as little as $150,000 for a spot on the northern pacific coast.


panamaPanama offers the world’s best incentive program as part of it’s commitment to attract foreign retirees. This makes it very easy and convenient to get residence so that you can retire here.

Panama city is a vibrant busy city with fantastic restaurants, and great hospitals. It’s a hub for banking and commerce so you will find a great deal of international community there. Like Ecuador you can live in Panama for a low cost. With a budget of $1,700-$2,500/month you can expect to live very comfortably. This price includes housing, entertainment and even housekeeping costs.


Retirement-in-Malaysia3A large percentage of of the population in Malaysia speaks English, which makes it very easy to transition in this country. Although this Asian destination is far away, it is very affordable. In Malaysia on a budget of $1,700/moth you could afford to rent a sea view apartment in Penang with a pool and a gym, have a housekeeper that comes once/week, own a sailboat and eat at restaurants almost every day.